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Recruitment from abroad

We combine talent with opportunities across borders, because the world is our labor market. Global talents find their home with us.

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Recruitment from abroad

We go beyond national borders to find the best workers and specialists for your company. Industries suffering from a shortage of professionals in Germany in particular benefit from our international recruitment.
Our tried-and-tested concept for international recruitment consists of three steps:

  • We identify qualified personnel
  • prepare them for their assignment in Germany
  • and support them with their integration on site

With the HILF MIR DOCH recruitment agency, you avoid the typical challenges of international recruitment and benefit from all the advantages.

What professions we seek skilled workers and trainees for?

Healthcare Professions

The healthcare sector is always looking for specialists such as doctors, nurses, care staff and therapists. The population is getting older, which increases the demand for healthcare services.


The IT sector is booming and there is a high demand for software developers, IT security experts, system administrators and other IT specialists.


Crafts such as electricians, plumbers, carpenters and locksmiths are still in demand as they provide essential services for construction and maintenance work.

Renewable Energy Sector

With the expansion of renewables, there is a demand for specialists in the fields of wind energy, solar energy and hydrogen technology.


Engineers in various disciplines, from mechanical engineering to electrical engineering, are really important in industry and construction.

Sales and Distribution

Specialists in sales, especially in digital and e-commerce distribution, are in high demand.

Trade and Logistics

Logistics companies are looking for warehouse workers, drivers and logistics experts to meet the increasing demand for deliveries of goods.

Catering and Hotel industry

In hotels, restaurants and bars, employees are needed for tourists and locals alike.


There is a high demand for site managers, construction workers, construction machine operators and draughtsmen in the construction industry.

Reasons why you should work with us!

Workers from abroad can be an exciting experience, broaden horizons and offer new opportunities.
Our strength lies in our fast processing time. We specialise in completing tasks efficiently and swiftly so that you can achieve your goals in a timely manner.
We offer straightforward options for workers from abroad to communicate with you.
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