Just refueld your car incorrectly? Keep calm – and call “hilfmirdoch”!

Chosing the wrong gas pump nozzle can happen to anyone and be a lot more expensive than you might expect. Incorrect refueling requires quick thinking and acting to avoid a hugh damage at your vehicle. Just a few seconds of daydreaming lead to a wrong movement including serious defects and repairing charges. How to act?


  • interrupt the refueling
  • do not start the engine or if so
  • stop the engine at once to avoid an expensive change of the whole fuel injection system!
  • just don’t drive on!
  • inform yourself (instruction manual)!
  • decide whether to tow or to pump up your car!

Incorrect refueling will harm you twice by a broken engine and a lot money you have to spend – except you choose our professional quick and cost-efficent pump up service for your car.

We will be there…

You want to avoid unnecessary costs? Even worse, you are on your way to an important meeting and are under time pressure? Call us immediatley to exhaust and clean the tank of your vehicle. Thanks to our special trucks we are able to void the tank and dispose the mixture of fuel under environmentally sound. Call us now: +49 (0) 2406 / 989 98 30. hilfmirdoch-Team (help me now – team) is aviable 24 hours 7 days a week! Our mobil pumping service is ready to start round the clock!

Cost and time efficient!


Your pros

  • no expensive towing
  • no stay in garage
  • quick and easy repairing
  • instantly ready to start
  • no extra costs (replacement vehicle, overnight stay, …)
  • cost efficent pumping (insurance won’t pay!)
  • accessible round the clock

Avoid unnecessary costs and annoying timeloss under help of “hilfmirdoch”, your mobil and local pumping service based in Aachen, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Koblenz, Maastricht, Lüttich and Luxemburg.

Good to know:

  • If you start the engine or keep it alive while you refueld your car incorrectly, it can lead to serious damage to the engine (e.g. the lubricating film of the injection pump rips).
  • The most common charactaristic of an incorrect refuled car is accompanied with a knocking noise coming from the engine.
  • There are way more opportunities than going to a garage. Specialized Companies will help you locally to clean your vehicle on the quickest possible way – beeing towed is spared to you.
  • Due to their highly explosive and toxic feature, it isn’t allowed to smoke or play with your mobile phone (danger of dropping sparks) next to gas and diesel. Fuels are always disposed by specialized companies!

Refueld Gas E10 instead of E5?

Consider the hints of your vehicle manufacturer. In many cases a simple replenishment containig an ethanol-poor sort of fuel (like Super Plus in Germany). But in other circumstances an incorrect refueling will lead to heavy damage. The car has to be pumped up if the vehicle was filled up with E10 completely.

Refueld gas instead of diesel?

The ever first step is to stop the engine and not starting it again. Read the guide book carefully: Usually a few liters of gas combined with diesel aren’t harmful in case of an older diesel engine. In all other cases your car needs to be pumped up. If you already left your engine running since refueling gas instead of diesel it can harm your engine badly including a change of the whole fuel injection system.

Refueld diesel instead of gas?

The ever first step is to stop the engine and not starting it again. In some cases it lasts to refuel the correct gas and drive on wary. Due to the condition of the engine und the amount of diesel in relationship to gas, read the guide book carefully or inform yourself at your vehicle manufacturer. In other cases your tank has to be pumped up.

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