Ambulance service

In many cases people are due to a disease or the intake of medicine not able to drive to the physician by their own. Concerning the great costs people reluctantly tske a taxi. “Helpmenow” – your regional partner and supporter for ambulance services in Euroregion will drive you to your doctor and pick you up after your medical examination. You will recieve help even after a hospital discharge. We will accompany you till your doorstep regardless of whether of young old or eldery. Our service is very favourable and negotiable.

A lot of people aren’t able to control their vehicle based on their age or a severe illness. So it is very tedious for them reaching their treatment date on time witch public transportation.

Our service from A to Z:

  • Ambulance services to treatment
  • Ambulance services to family doctor
  • Ambulance services to routine control
  • Ambulance services to specialist
  • Ambulance services to a hospital
  • Ambulance services to the drugstore

We will chaffeur all people (young, old, sick) to their treatment date and back home safe, comfotable and on time as long as they are able to sit on their own without medical specialist care.

Hint: Takeover through health insurance

Specific journeys like dialysis, chemotherapy, ambulant treatments or in-patient hospitalizations are ordinarily assumed by the health insurance. Please feel free to talk to about the topic costs and health insurances with your attending physician. Normally your physician will sign a prescription or carriage so your health insurance will pay everything.

You will be picked up punctual at home and brought to your physician or clinic. As desired your drivers will escort you to the attending doctor or the department.

RettungsringAdditional services

It doesn’t matter whether help for eldery, backing up at an event, authorities and doctors, doing errands, shopping service, individual leisure activities, help with household activities, strolls, collecting prescriptions…

Escorting people who aren’t able to do special journeys on their own and master mundane tasks. That is where “Helpmenow” feels its passion also in cooperation with a medical team. Started from care, shopping tours and collecting presricptions, to chaffeuring you to the doctor and organizing your dates like the hairdresser…of course on time!