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The accelerated procedure for skilled workers from abroad is a decisive step towards promoting international cooperation and meeting the increasing demand for qualified skilled workers in Germany. This procedure was developed to accelerate the process of qualification recognition and the integration of skilled workers from abroad into the German labour market.

This innovative approach enables skilled workers from different countries to gain a foothold in Germany more quickly and efficiently. Simplifying bureaucratic processes and speeding up the recognition of foreign qualifications paves the way for specialists to practise their profession in Germany.

The accelerated procedure not only includes the rapid recognition of qualifications, but also offers support in finding a job, integrating into German society and acquiring the necessary language skills. This ensures that skilled workers from abroad are not only successful professionally, but also feel at home in their new environment.

For Germany, recruiting qualified specialists from abroad means access to a diverse pool of highly qualified talent and innovative ideas. These experts bring their international experience and perspectives with them and thus contribute to strengthening the German economy and research landscape.

Overall, the accelerated procedure for workers from abroad creates a win-win situation: it enables talented people from different parts of the world to realise their professional dreams in Germany, while at the same time meeting the demand for professionals in growing industries and strengthening national competitiveness.

Key aspects for accelerated procedure

Recognition of qualifications

The procedure simplifies the recognition of foreign educational certificates and professional qualifications to ensure that they meet German standards.

Bureaucratic simplification

We aim to minimise the bureaucratic effort involved in immigration and taking up employment in Germany.

Advice and support

Skilled workers from abroad receive comprehensive support with integration, including counselling services, information on finding a job and help with finding accommodation.

Linguistic competence

The procedure can also provide support in improving German language skills, as these are often crucial for professional success in Germany.

Accelerated visa and residence regulations

There may be special visa and residence regulations to allow professionals from abroad quick access to Germany

Promotion of diversity

The accelerated procedure helps to promote diversity in the German labour market, as it makes it easier for highly qualified specialists from different countries to access German labour.

Transfer of knowledge and skills across national borders


Applications for the accelerated procedure for skilled workers from abroad are submitted via the relevant authorities in order to speed up the process of qualification recognition and integration into the German labour market.

This procedure offers qualified professionals from abroad an efficient opportunity to use their skills and qualifications in Germany and helps to promote international cooperation and meet the demand for specialised workers.

The accelerated procedure in cooperation with make-it-in-germany.com enables qualified skilled workers from abroad to start their career in Germany more quickly and efficiently.

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